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Problem Solving


First aid for ailing properties

The fabric of a building is subject to all kinds of wear and tear, strains and stresses. It could be the weather, the ground or any other cause. Some of the problems are easily spotted: cracks, rising damp, bowing walls, evidence of movement - some lurk unseen in inaccessible places. The symptoms are not always serious but it is better to act now than later.

If you think your home has a problem, you can take advantage of our walk over inspection that will tell you very quickly the cause of the problem, how it can be put right and what it might cost. You are not obliged to use our services to make the repair but we have the facilities and excellent trade connections to help if you wish.

If you want to act fast, call us or use our e-mergency service to describe your problem. Either way we will deal promptly with your enquiry.