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Adapting your property to suit your preferred lifestyle

Good design starts with thorough homework. With our expertise, as Chartered Structural Engineers, most properties can be reconfigured around your wish list and within your budget. The best time to consider what you want for your new home is before you move in.

On the other hand, you may prefer to expand your existing home thereby increasing its investment value and avoiding the fees, duties, taxes and commissions incurred by moving.

Here is what you can expect from Matrix 24:


  • Chartered Structural Engineers who know what ideas are possible and what are not.
  • A rapport that enables us to understand your needs and deliver what you want.
  • Extensive knowledge of new materials enabling us to produce bold, exciting concepts.
  • Sustainability, ecology and cost efficiency will be integrated into your new home.
  • A tight grip on costs to protect your budget.

No job is too small or too daunting. Loft conversions, side extensions or cellar dig-outs are within our range of services but, unlike so-called specialist traders, we render a bespoke approach that add character to your home but not necessarily at a greater cost. Before you commit, you may wish to undertake a quick feasibility study.

We apply these qualities whether we are working on a brand new building, the conversion of a warehouse, reconfiguring a shop or refurbishing an existing property.