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Four levels of prompt support to match your needs

The Walk-Over for Peace of Mind*
Sometimes speed is crucial in house purchase. One of our experienced structural engineers will walk-over your property looking for any potential problems before making a verbal report ( a written report costs a bit more ). This saves time and money, reduces the risk of unwelcome surprises and enables you to make a better-informed decision on whether to proceed or not.


* Matrix speciality

Specific Inspection
During the process of house purchase, the solicitor or surveyor might come across a particular problem that needs a specific structural inspection with a written report from a Chartered Structural Engineer. Matrix 24 works to a brief and not only provides a written report but also the possible methods and costs of repair.

Full Inspection and Report
In certain circumstances it is wise to be extra cautious to protect your investment in the long term. Our Chartered Structural Engineers will go over the whole fabric of the building in fine detail. We will report what we find and suggest how problems should be overcome supported by an estimate of the cost or repair.

This inspection can be done at any time and can be an extension of the specific inspection.

Quick Feasability Check
If you see a house you like and think it has the potential for expansion, you will need a feasibility study. We will walk over the house with you, check the structure, debate ideas, check their practicality and suggest possible costs. This is a quick, inexpensive way of helping you decide to undertake an exciting new development in your life.